Monday, 6 March 2017

The Pros & Cons Of Zoos

The Pros & Cons Of Zoos

Watch this video clip about the pros and cons of zoos.  Once you have finished watching it, discuss with a partner the main ideas that have been covered.  

Activity: Split a page in your Reading Books in half ... title one half the page 'Pros' and the other half 'Cons'.  Using evidence from the video, record the pros and cons that you have understood. 

Be prepared to offer your own opinion at the end of our reading lesson today.

Comment Below:  Think about the last time you visited a zoo.  Was there anything that you saw that made you feel sorry for the animals?  Please explain.


  1. Devina:Once me and my family went to arona park
    zoo,we saw lots of cool,amazing animals
    but it was a rather hot,sunny day and we watched a tiger
    roaring because of the heat and it did'nt drink enough
    water,I felt really sad.

  2. thank you cause that was a cool part-Ioli!!!