Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Creatures of the Deep

National Geographic | Creatures of Light

After our 'Rocky Shore' visit, at Taylors Mistake, we spent about 15 minutes (while we re-energised with a sturdy snack) exploring this documentary about creatures in the depths of the ocean, which create their own light.  It was fascinating and many children were keen to finish watching/re-watch it.

What a fascinating world of creatures that live 100m or more down, in the dark, depths of the ocean!

Challenge:  Leave a comment explaining what you found the most interesting/strange/fascinating about these 'light' creatures of the deep.


  1. Clara: It's so fascinating how they glow in different colours and ways.🐠🐬🐳

  2. Olivia C: I love things to do with the ocean.There just so fascinating!!!🌊🐡🐋

    1. Amelia:same i loved it!!!