Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Saturating Liquids

Saturation Points of Salt and Sugar

Our Yr 5 group have been talking about saturation points.  This video clip explains what a 'saturation point' is, really well.
We discussed the possibility of water temperature having an impact on the saturation levels of salt and sugar.  We have begun planning an experiment that will help us test our ideas.  
Once the planning is complete, we will carry out the experiment to test our hypothesis.  
Keep an eye out for our results sometime next week.

Challenge:  In your own words, show that you understand what 'saturation' means.  Also, can you think of how we could get the salt and sugar back 'out' of the water at the end of the experiment?


  1. Zoe: it means holding much water or moisteriser that can disappear or soaked