Thursday, 16 March 2017

Year 3 & 4 technology

Design, plan and create a letter box.

The first technology challenge for 2017 was to design a letter box for a new house.
The students have been learning about the process of how we go about doing this.
The following are some of the letter boxes the students have made.

Some have had just a little bit of help at home.
The students who are making one out of wood will be a little longer as they are finding it is quite hard to saw and nail some wood. Lots of wonderful challenges and fun on a Thursday afternoon. 


  1. Devina:tnat looks cool for tecnolgy yrs 3&4

  2. Clara: It's sooo fun making all different shapes and sizes of letter boxes.🐧

  3. Lily's mum and dad: wow what a great set of letterboxes you all made. Wonderful to see such awesome imaginations creating cool things!