Thursday, 16 March 2017

Year 5-6 Spongeball

Our year 5-6 students enjoyed playing spongeball this afternoon.

Holy-Rose and Alice were great referees.

We learned how important it is to catch the ball, rather than shying away from it.

We always throw the spongeball with two hands.

Standing side-on helps to make a powerful shot. 

Passing the ball quickly to the front is another good strategy. 

When we play spongeball, what we're really learning is resilience. When we get hit, we quickly become seat players and continue supporting our team. We are also practising the habit of mind 'work with others' by developing superb sportsmanship. 

- Photos by Sullivan


  1. Devina:it was really
    cool playing sponge
    ball with the year
    sixs.And the year fives
    Must of got lots of new skills.

  2. Nevaeh:I really enjoyed playing
    spongeball. Next time I play
    I won't be shy or scared.
    I might go up the front and try
    catch the ball and be BRAVE.
    But it was still really fun!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Olivia.Y:I love playing sponge ball it is really really fun