Thursday, 8 March 2018

Y3 week5 home learning

Easter Project

Design a Booklet

Make a great cover for your booklet so we can display it in the classroom. Put your name as the author and illustrator. Each answer starts on a new page of your booklet. Give each page a great title. You can use colours to illustrate but always write in pencil. You may use pictures from the internet, magazines, newspapers or flyers to make it interesting. Have Fun!

  • Why do we celebrate Easter?
  • Easter traditions around the World.
  • What are the symbols of Easter? What do they mean?
  • My family’s Easter traditions.
  • Choose ONE story starter and create a story from the following:
    • The day the Easter Bunny appointed me his helper
    • I was the little mouse under the table at Gethsemane
    • Easter Day at my house
    • The Day the Easter Bunny forgot me!
    • I was there at the Garden when Jesus was crucified
The story may be in story form, comic form, or story map. Be prepared to share your story.
  • The history of Easter Eggs
  • Create an Easter Egg design

This is due on Friday 6 April.

Homework due Friday  9 March except for the Easter project

  1. Read your reading book and remember to fill in the log at the front of your homework folder.

   2. Spelling Words: before, food, large, shouted

   3. Spelling Work: Write your spelling words in sentences on this sheet.

   3. Maths: on the computer. Please try to log on using the instructions on the letter.  If you are unable to open it please let us know. This is a trial week and the maths should be easy to do.

Please remember to return your library books to the returns box in the Omoho before Thursday so we can issue new ones.

Please can your child bring a clear jar to school to use for science.

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