Monday, 4 July 2016

Wheels Day Wednesday

Wheels Day Wednesday

As an end of term finale for our 'Cause and Effect' unit of work, we are having a celebration afternoon for Waka Pūhara students ... an afternoon of wheels!

This may include:  skates, roller blades, remote controlled cars, small cars, trikes, scooters, bikes, skateboards .... anything with wheels really!

If your child has an easily transportable ramp that can be used during this time we would welcome this also.  

Areas of the playground will be sectioned off for different types of wheels.

Parents are welcome to come along and help supervise on this fun afternoon ... the more pairs of eyes we have, the more areas we can have set up for the children to enjoy.

Please email or speak with your class teacher to let them know if you are keen to come along and enjoy the fun.


  1. what day ( wednesday, thursday, friday )?

    1. Mmm ... Wednesday ... that's why we called it, 'Wheels Day Wednesday'. You are right though, I should have stated the obvious, because it's not always as clear as an author thinks it is! Thanks for asking.

  2. Can you bring a normal 2 wheel bike? Olivia.C

  3. The weels day was exsreamly fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! Olivia.C