Thursday, 7 July 2016

Year 5

Year Group Day

Year 5 - Olivia B, Alice, Sophia W, Bonnie, Minnie, Holly-Rose, Bede, Inaki, Raj, Solomon, Vivek, Max, Tyler, Hannah, George  (Absent: Sophia S, Brie, Peter, Charlotte, Laura)

We had a super morning, working as a Year 5 group.  We spent time reconnecting with one another and exploring possibilities for what we might like to learn when we are together (on a Thursday) next term.  We began creating a pic collage all about ourselves to help let the younger members in our Waka Pūhara whānau get to know us better too.


  1. that would have been fun devina

    1. Yes, Devina, it was fun! I've just finished talking with Mrs Brereton about creating a photo just like this for the Year 3 and 4 children too.

  2. That looks great year fives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you had lots of fun!!!!!!! Olivia.C😀😄🙂

  3. We had lots of fun on year group day!! Thanks teachers for letting has have this year group day-Alice