Friday, 1 July 2016

Making Pā

Making our Māori Pā

Creating is under way in Kōtuku!

What are we REALLY learning?

Creating and Innovating ... because we had to solve problems and makes all kinds of things. (Nevaeh)

Persistence .... because when thing didn't work we had to find another way to do it. (Solomon)

Stop and Think ... we had to have a plan first (and we did!) to help us be successful. (Sophia S)

Have a Go ... we worked together in groups that were new. (Ioli)

Thinking Flexibly ... people had different ideas and we had to go with other people's ideas and add to their ideas to make things work. (Olivia C)

Questions ... Because we had to keep asking our group questions to be successful. (Olivia M)

Learning Forever ... we were learning things about Pre European Maori that we didn't already know. (Hannah P)

Past Knowledge ... we took the things we already knew and added to them. (Alice)

.... actually ... we were using ALL of the Habits of Mind!!!



  1. Wow! That looks as if you have had so much fun. What a lot of work you have done. They are amazing. I loved the way you spoke about what it was like creating your 'Pa'. I noticed some of you had a food storage place. Did it have a name? What was the trickiest part and the best part of creating your Pa? Can't wait to see them on Monday.

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  3. AMAZING! You all worked so hard today, I couldn't believe the detail in the finished products we saw at the end of the day. Very impressive.

  4. I really loved making our Pa sites!!!!!!!! ( it was amazing how much we got done!!! ) Olivia.C

  5. it was a relife that my mum manged to bring the stuff for making the pa itwas so cool devina

  6. What fun we had making our pa site! Hannah W