Thursday, 23 June 2016

Year 5/6 Coding and Mind Lab Day

Introduction to Coding with Lightbot

Which habits of mind are we really learning about?

Work With Others because different people solve problems in different ways and you need to work together.
Persistence because when you get stuck, you need to keep trying.  
Make it Right because you need to check your code, especially if it's not working. 
Stop and Think because you need to make a plan for getting the code to do what you want.

Intermediate Coding (Python) with Code Combat

EMAIL - Use your school Google account (even though this doesn't function as an email address).
PASSWORD - Use your school Google account password.
USERNAME - Use your school Google account username, e.g. benmi26
BIRTHDAY - You may enter your real birthday.
CLASS CODE - GatePinkSwim


  1. Such a fun way to begin to learn important skills! Thank you for arranging this for the children!

  2. i've had fun doing this tonight, though i'm stuck on the last level. help! olivia b

    1. Keep persisting Olivia, I'm sure you will get i! Good luck.

  3. thanks ms yonetani. i will try to get help from classmates or persist with my work. olivia b