Thursday, 23 November 2017

Year-5 and Year-6 Technology

Our year-5 students visited Waka Hourua this afternoon to learn more about what next year might be like. Year-6 students talked about what makes Waka Hourua fun and successful. We thought about what we are looking forward to.

Although we do not know who our classmates will be or who our teachers will be, we do know some things for sure: Our base groups will only have year-6 and year-7 students. Our classrooms will be the rooms that are currently called Wheke and Toroa. For term one, we will spend most of our time in our base groups.

We worked together creating invitations for our year-5 families to visit next Thursday morning to chat with Ms Steans and Ms Yonetani.

One of the year-5 students had a brand new Chromebook arrive. We were able to check it out together. 

This particular Chromebook has a touchscreen and flip functionality.

Any Chromebook is okay for school. We don't need one just like this. 

The tablet mode is quite cool though.

This particular Chromebook can be used more like an iPad.

The year-7 students also enjoyed checking out the new Chromebook.

This is what the new Chromebook looks like compared to the school ones (which will still be available to use at school at the start of next year!).

Students with their own Chromebooks can customise them with stickers so they're easy to identify.

We ended our day with a game of bounce ball. Some of our future year-8 leaders taught us to play.

After bounce ball, we set up the chairs for church and enjoyed a raffle. We'd earned tickets for our great learning afternoon and some of us won lollies.

If you would like to order a Chromebook through our portal, now is a great time to order before the Christmas rush.


  1. I enjoyed teaching you guys how to play bounceball :)

  2. wow looks like fun hope you loved playing bounce ball - Ashley and Bonnie

  3. You guys will have so much fun in Waka Hourua.It's really fun! sadly we won't be here though. Brie S and Alice

  4. I really enjoyed doing technology and playing bounce ball.

  5. I enjoyed playing bounce-ball with you guys! Lilah/Brie

  6. Can't wait to see you guys in Waka Hourua!
    Max He and Oliver

  7. We hope you enjoy Waka Hourua next year,enjoy your amazing new chromebooks.
    Mackenzie and Lilly

  8. Devina:it was fun doing technology and playing bounce ball,thank you miss.y for letting us come to waka Hourua every Thursday.