Thursday, 8 February 2018

Year 5/6 Technology

Design Challenges

The children in Year 5 and 6 have enjoyed two technology sessions this year.  Both sessions have involved completing a design challenge.

Challenge 1: Create a ramp for a pingpong ball so that, when you release the ball from the top of a chair,  it takes 10 seconds to hit the ground.

Challenge 2:  To make a moving vehicle, using kinetic energy.

This activity involved using many Habits of Mind.  

Comment below: Which HoM did you use and how successful was your design?


  1. Louis. My group made a car called THE DESTRUCTOR we called it this because it had pointy sticks poking out the front of the car in attempt to pop other balloons (this did not succeed). Sadly our car only went about a three meters... but then decided to turn around an go back 1 and a half meters, it did not succeed because the tape securing the balloon to the car was not strong enough, half of the tape was not sticky enough so the balloon tilted making the kinetic energy coming out the balloon go the same way the balloon was which was not in the right direction so the kinetic energy pushed the car the wrong way forcing it to turn around. That is why the balloon was not a success.

    1. A top notch description of your the results your group achieved during this design challenge, Louis. I love the description you have provided and your use of scientific vocabulary. Tino pai!

  2. Clara.
    Making the car with my group was lots of fun. And I learnt a lot about kinetic energy. The habits of mind in my group were : 1. Make it right. 2. Work with others. 3. Persistence . Sadly our car wasn’t a success and only made about two steps. It was probably that we put to much sticky tape to secure the balloon.