Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Wow, great first week Waka Pūhara!

We four teachers had a great time getting to know our new students. We are also looking forward to the events coming up this term!

Reminders; Homework is handed out weekly. If you lose your paper copy there should be be an electronic copy (on this blog!). If you are having trouble locating it, ask your teachers, or Mr Gordon.

Here are a few things we have heard from our wonderful students so far:

A: It was nice making new friends!
M: It was great being made a class leader!
B: It was nice seeing my friends again!
A: I loved doing art!
R: It was cool having a new class
O: Having a new teacher has been lots of fun
V: Having fun with the homework
C: Seeing all my friends and getting a new teacher plus having fun!
T: Trying new things

Here we have Pāua and Tī Kōuka buddying up and looking at some poetry!


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