Monday, 19 February 2018

Week 4 home learning

Homework due Friday 23rd February

Dear parents,
Have you checked out the blog yet? Are you able to print from the blog?
This week your child will be bringing their first story map home. Please
ask them to tell you the story from their map. This is the first part before
they begin writing.
We need everyone to bring in a 1.5 litre plastic bottle to school for a future
science experiment! Asap
When you are researching using the internet we have found kiddle to be a
safer search engine for the children to use. We do recommend you sit with
them while they are using this.
Please can you return the parent survey as soon as possible.
Best wishes, Lorraine and May

  1. Read your reading book and fill in the log at the front of your folder.

  1. Story map.

  1. Spelling Words: jumped, river, twelve, any  

4. Spelling Work: The consonants are worth 50 cents and the vowels
are worth $5. How much is each word worth?
Eg turn t = 50c + u= $5+ r= 50c + n = 50c total is $6.50

   5. Maths: individual math sheets to reflect work in class.

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