Monday, 29 January 2018

Monday 29 January
Dear Whānua     
A very warm welcome to the new families who have joined our school this year and to
those returning after our summer holiday break. Casper Talbot and Elana Weaver are
joining the Waka Pūhara team. I know you will make them quickly feel part of the school.
The teachers in the Waka Pūhara team are Lorraine Brereton (Team Leader), Toetoe;
Tom Gordon, Pāua; May Bryant, Kāmana and Marée Bigelow, Kōtuku. Our base classes
comprise of two Year 3 classes and two Year 4 and 5 classes. If you have any questions
please talk to the base class teacher first. I would like to welcome May, Marée and Tom
to the middle school team. I know we have all been working on some interesting activities
to do with your children over the term.

Swimming. The Year 4 & 5 swim programme beginnings on 19 February  and ends on the
2 March with swimming sports at Waltham Pool. The Year 3 students will have swimming
in Term 2 at Pioneer Pool.
Please could you make sure all clothing is clearly named as it helps us return it to the right
child and can save you a lot of time and money. This includes lunch boxes as well please. PE
gear and sunhats will be needed from day two.
Homework will come home on a Monday night, and starts this week.  It is expected that
your child will complete the homework. There will be an expectation that your child will
read every night to you and/or independently for up to half an hour. When there is written
homework it will need to be at school on the Friday for marking, unless otherwise stated.
We are looking forward to working with your fabulous children and getting to know your
families. If there is anything we need to know about your child to make it easier for their
learning please make a time to meet with the classroom teacher.

Remember to regularly check our Waka Pūhara Blog.  We aim to keep this updated regularly.  
Children are encouraged to visit the site and post comments.  We would also like to encourage
parents to comment!  When you post a comment, it will not automatically appear as all comments
are moderated by staff.

We look forward to seeing you at the family barbecue on Friday 9 February at 6pm.
Kind regards
Lorraine, Tom, May and Maree

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