Monday, 29 January 2018

Homework due Friday 2 February
  1. Read your reading book and remember to fill in the log at the front of your homework folder.

  1. Find five facts about your base group’s name.  Eg   Tell us what it is, where it is found, anything  unusual or interesting about it. Miss Bryant is Kāmana and Mrs Brereton’s is Toe Toe. You may display this using pic collage, or any other programme you know or oh an A4 piece of paper.                    
         Be prepared to share this on Friday.

  1. We are looking at statistics for Maths and we would like to know your parents’ eye colour.

  1. Start re-learning basic facts to 10.  These need to have instant recall.
         How many words can you make out of the words..
                        Summer holidays

         You can use the letter only once in each word. The letters can move.  

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