Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Tales from the mythologies of Creation, Maui and Aoraki

We hear so often about Te Ika a Maui - how the North Island was fished up, by Maui, using his magic hook.  But the legend of how the South Island was formed is also a great one.  Here you will find both legends, together.  Aoraki, the eldest brother (from the waka that become the South Island), then became Aoraki (Mt Cook).  

A HUGE congratulations Liam, from Kōtuku, who was able to retell this legend for us, before we watched the video clip - he was the only one in our class who already had a very strong knowledge of this legend.  Well done Liam - you blew us away!

(About this video clip: An Animation Research Ltd animation, originally in stereoscopic 3D, which screened daily in the 'Waka Maori' pavilion (Auckland, New Zealand) during the 2011 Rugby World Cup.
Starting with a version of the Maori Creation myth we then see the Sky Father and Earth Mother separated, before joining Maui and his brothers on a fishing trip which culminates in the catch of the North Island of New Zealand. Aoraki and his brothers also go on a sea voyage, and this results in the formation of the South Island. The final voyage is to Auckland, and the Waka Maori pavilion itself.)


  1. Devina:This something really interesting that we are learning.

  2. Clara: It's amazing how the birth of our land is made from just one person.🇳🇿👱🏼

  3. Amelia i love this video its really cool

  4. OliviaY I love this video its amazing

  5. AMELIA:i loved it