Monday, 29 August 2016

Olympic Dreams

What does it take to be an Olympic athlete?

As part of our 'Competition' unit of work, we have been discussing the commitment involved by the athletes who aspire to be Olympians.

Here are a couple of stories, from two New Zealand 2016 Olympic athletes, outlining just a small piece of the journey that has seen them succeed to become Olympic athletes.  Also included is an interview with Eliza McCartney, New Zealand's youngest female medal winner at an Olympic Games.  She just can't seem to wipe the smile off of her face .... can't blame her really!

Andrea Kilday - NZ Taekwondo Olympian

Courtney McGregor - Rio 2016 Gymnast 

RNZ talks to Eliza McCartney after her bronze medal win

Challenge:  Comment below ... what qualities do you think a person needs to become an Olympic athlete?  What do you think the biggest challenges would be that these athletes have to face and overcome if they are to be champions in their sports?


  1. Alice these guys are really talented and strong

  2. HOLLY:they need to be persistence which means never give up,someone who would practice for a long time,they need to be able to cope with what ever hard challenges that are coming up they don't no about,they need to work with others especially with there coach,they should have great sportsmanship.