Saturday, 7 May 2016

Thursday Technology Spark

Thursday Technology Spark

A fantastic idea sprang to mind, the year fives joined up with the year 6's for a new activity that would change everybody's thinking and learning skills. A challenge that involved teamwork, persistence, creativity and courage.


Each student got into a mixed group of three and was handed a sheet with rules and instructions. The teacher told us the challenge: we had to use a ping pong ball and optionally 4 coloured ice block sticks, 4 straws a meter of sellotape and 4 A4 pieces of paper to create a structure that can hold the ping pong ball and let it fall like a sycamore seed. Which ever was the slowest to hit the ground won.

We had 5 minutes planning and 25 minutes creating. Planning was underway!

Time to create! We were allowed to test the seed falling from the tower. To see if our creation needed improvement.

Time's up! Time to check out all these awesome ideas!


Trinity's group won but the most important thing was to have fun ... and surly everyone did. But anyway catch you later I'm waiting for next Thursday!
By Inaki and Solomon.

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