Tuesday, 24 May 2016

An afternoon of art ... and chatter!

Creating Artworks Using Complimentary Colours

For those children in Kōtuku who were not involved in the cross country today (and for those of us at school and healthy!), we carried on creating our artworks using complimentary colours.

The selection of paints we had to choose from.

Last week, we started by choosing 3 adjacent colours on the colour wheel and we painted an initial shape with these colours.  This week (once we had finished the task from last week) we had to choose the 3 opposite, therefore complimentary, colours on the colour wheel to paint the background.

The Colour Wheel

Can you work out which colours are complimentary to each other?  Your clue is to look for the colours that sit opposite each other on the colour wheel.

Ioli, Max, Hannah P and Vanessa concentrating on their masterpieces.

Elizabeth, Nevaeh (hidden), Olivia M, Olivia Y and Olivia C, hard at work.

Chelsea, Olivia B, Sophia S, Brie and Theo ... creating and conversing.

Part of the joy of getting artistic and creative is that it allows you time to discuss ideas, opinions and just general everyday life, with your friends, as you work.  Here are just a few of the gems I overhead today while the children worked.  I've kept the comments anonymous ... Ms Steans

Discussions during Art today:

"A diamond is not a shape.  A diamond is actually a rhombus." 

"I don't want to be a famous artist ... I just want to create."

"What do you mean I need to sharpen my pencil?"

"I'll have green, blue-green and blue."

"Have you seen a real duckling before?"

"This kind of purple is like grapes."

"Ms Steans, when you just touched me, you electric shocked me three times!"

"Must be because I'm charged with energy, because I'm wearing merino."

"Must be because you are holding the laptop."

"I actually might do something like this at home, because then I can put it on my wall."

"Double dare you to eat all of that (pointing to the paint on the pallet)."


"This looks like orange juice (referring to the brush washing water)."

"I have learnt so much about fractions!"

"Wow ... that's awesome!"

"Let's cross our fingers for them (referring to our classmates at the cross country this afternoon)!"

"My cup looks like it's got crushed up Vitamin C (referring to the brush washing water)."

"Would you rather have free time doing your own thing, or your best friend back from the cross      country?"

"My best friend back from the cross country!"

"So ... what colour was I on?"

"What's opposite yellow?"

"Opposite yellow is purple."


  1. Why do I have to be hidden?


  3. That's awesome! I'm sorry couldn't be there to see and hear you all but it looks like you made great progress and had fun!!
    I have an exciting plan for next week!
    Rachael Okey

    1. They did great! I was very impressed with how confidently they chose their background, complementary colours. They will look forward to next week I am sure.

  4. I love doing art every Tuesday and (I love making paintings and being creative!) Olivia.C 🖼🎨✏️🖌✂️🖍📝

  5. That looks AWESOME!!!! Amelia :)

  6. I love doing ART !!!! every Tuesday Olivia Yule

  7. we should put some of the persistance monster artwork on the blog, ms steans. olivia b

    1. Thanks for your suggestion Olivia. We certainly will ... once we have completed it!

  8. i love doing art every tuesday because art is my favourite subject! olivia b

  9. Esha:wow I have not done art in ages

  10. Amelia: this conversation is so so funny Miss Steans HAAAAAAAA HA HA HA